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Customers are always with us, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which is the reality not only in our facility but in all other nursery homes. Therefore we work in shifts, which make it more difficult for us to get together and communicate between departments or facilities. We as a company try to promote communication across our corporation as a whole. To create better working environment, we take the following actions.

Corporate Social Network Service

We introduced our own communication tool on the website that is only available to our staffs. It allows all of us to communicate anytime anywhere by cell phone or computer.

Exchange over the facilities

Due to the shifts, it is difficult for all staffs to get together. In response to their voices, we organize several times of bowling competitions and gatherings at New Year, year end, encouraging communication among them.

Credo Prize, Birthday Gift

To express our gratitude, we send our staffs, who work hard every day, birthday presents.
Also, we give an annual award called Credo Prize to the staffs who is a role model for our staffs.